Creative Coworking has various levels of membership to meet your individual needs. You can adjust your membership level on a month-to-month basis.

Premier Membership: $300/month prepaid
You have unlimited access and a reserved workstation.
Reserved desks come with an optional file cabinet and computer monitor.

Frequent Member: (visit 5–7 days /week): $200/month prepaid
You have unlimited access.

Regular Member: (visit 3–4 days /week): $150/month prepaid
If you visit more than 16 times in a month, you’ll be charged $25 per extra visit.

Semi-regular Member: (visit 1–2 days/week): $100/month prepaid
If you visit more than 8 times in a month, you’ll be charged $25 per extra visit.

Occasional Member: (visit 3 days/month): $50/month prepaid
If you visit more than 3 times in a month, you’ll be charged $25 per extra visit.

Mail Service: $50/month prepaid

Private fax service: $25/month prepaid
You have unlimited incoming private faxes to your preferred email address.
Outgoing faxes are free for all members.

Infrequent Usage: $25/visit

Each member also puts down a $25 refundable deposit for a key card.

Plan ahead and save! Lock in the current rate—at a discount.

6-month prepaid membership = 10% discount

12-month prepaid membership = 15% discount

Refer a friend: Get a $50 credit toward your membership when your friend signs up for three or more months.

MEMBER TESTIMONIAL: It’s so wonderful to have a quiet, comfortable, professional space to work outside my home—and at an affordable price. —Anne Ford, freelance journalist

A list of current members can be found here.

Intern Assistance

Creative Coworking offers all members the help of their trained interns at a very reasonable rate of $15.00/hr. CC interns can help members with such projects as website updates, social media support, brochure design, trade show assistance, etc. If you need support on a short-term project or ongoing task, don’t hesitate to contact them.

Need help now?

Email for more information on how the Creative Coworking interns can help you today! Our summer interns are Paige and Lucy.

Photo of space taken by CRAVE Chicago.