Creative Coworking is a members-only workspace for creative professionals, graduate students, and entrepreneurs. Here, you will find a quiet, comfortable workspace with a sense of community. The office has quiet zones and collaboration zones, so you can find a place that best suits your work mode.

Members have electronic keyfobs to access the space, so you can come and go at whatever times work best for you. We provide everything you need to work—WiFi, fax, color printers, copiers, scanners—along with some perks like free coffee, free snacks, and free phone calls. You get a change of scenery, we change the ink cartridges.

Members can reserve one of our two conference rooms for small group discussions, client meetings, or teleconferencing. The whole office space is available to members for larger events, as well. All large events must be coordinated with the management.

Non-members can reserve a conference room or use the lounge area for an hourly rate.

MEMBER TESTIMONIAL: Creative Coworking attracted me immediately with its unique interior design, comfortable lounge area, perfect location in downtown Evanston, and its very competitive pricing. Every morning when I wake up, I look forward to working in our shared creative space where I am surrounded by the welcoming faces of my new friends. —Roman Fakhrazeyev, two718 corp.

GrayProfileCreative Coworking was founded by Angela and Stelios Valavanis. Angela is a freelance writer, editor, and marketing consultant as well as being the office manager. Stel is the founder and president of onShore Networks, a technology business in Chicago. Together, they have created the perfect space for you to work.

Please contact us to arrange for a tour of our space or to book an event.

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Photo of space and portrait of Angela taken by Adam Daniels. Portrait of Stel by Margaux Pepper.