Every day, we are bombarded with ads, social media, emails, and texts from companies clamoring for our attention. It’s easy to get lost in the digital world. With this knowledge, it’s more important than ever to set your company or organization apart by offering a human aspect to your marketing.

According to Tracee Sioux in The Future of Marketing: 47 Experts Share Their 2017 Predictions, “What people are craving is in-person interaction. We’re ad blind on the Internet and socially starved for real human interaction. The best marketing is to host in-person events, classes, and sales opportunities.”

Here is a list we’ve compiled of ideas for in-person events you can have in a shared space like Creative Coworking.

  1. Have a Cocktail Party (Our bimonthly Art & Wine Night is a good example!)
  2. Have a Bridal/Baby Shower
  3. Have a Press Conference or Ribbon Cutting
  4. Offer a Class
  5. Have a Book Signing
  6. Showcase Your Art
  7. Have a Listening Party
  8. Have a Comedy/Improv Show
  9. Have a Product/Service/Business Launch Party
  10. Host a Film Screening
  11. Have a pop-up sales event
  12. Have a fundraiser
  13. Host a Meetup
  14. Host a Community Panel Discussion
  15. Offer Brown Bag Lunch Sessions
  16. Have a Workshop
  17. Offer Yoga Classes
  18. Do Demo Days
  19. Have a Continental Breakfast Talk
  20. Have an Investor Showcase
  21. Have a Game/Gamer Night
  22. Host Tech Talks
  23. Run a Hack-a-thon
  24. Have Entrepreneur Talks
  25. Offer Pitch Practice
  26. Have V.I.P. Events
  27. Host a Spa Day
  28. Offer Speed Dating/Networking
  29. Do a Silent Auction
  30. Have a Holiday Party
  31. Do an Interview
  32. Have a Poetry/Story Slam
  33. Do a Q&A
  34. Do a Seminar
  35. Offer Training Sessions

Did these ideas get you thinking about an event you might want to host? Please reach out to us via intern@creativecoworking.com to make it happen.